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VanHomestay is a prestigious international homestay company based in the heart of Vancouver Downtown, the mecca of international education. Our clients are truly from all over the world, including countries such as Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong , South Korea, Germany, Italy and Mexico. Their length of stay has been also very diverse ranging from a couple of days to a couple of years.

At VanHomestay, we believe that having a comfortable and enjoyable living environment is one of the most important factors in ensuring success in our clients' education on abroad.

Therefore, our first priority to find, and match a homestay family that most closely compliments our clients' needs and expectations.

Once we feel that the family is acceptable, we will make every effort to match applicant and student with similar interests. This ensures the chances of a successful relationship between the family and student. And as our clients register for homestay placement, they are asked to fill out an application form. With the application form and through personal, one-to-one, consultation with our homestay coordinator, each client's specific requests or exceptions are noted.

Our homestay family selection procedure adheres to strict and thorough evaluation process of each family on individual bases. Once the application for homestay family is received from a family, our homestay co-coordinator visits their house. The coordinator checks the house, the background and family history of the family, the family members' proficiency in English, and most importantly, their willing to open up their lives and home to our clients. Only the highly qualified families are selected as our homestay family.

Once a client has been placed into a family, the homestay coordinator is available for both the student and the family. The main goal of our homestay coordinator at this point is to acts as a counselor and coordinator, should a conflict rise between them. Both the student and the family are kept in touch with our homestay coordinator on regular basis to ensure the satisfaction with each other. Van homestay continues to be the leading homestay company in Vancouver.

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